We offer extensive services tailored to your goals with PR experts across industries.

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We know what makes a great story and what keeps your business in the news and ahead of the curve. Our customized campaigns and spot-on strategy help clients disrupt industries, launch brands and engage with the audiences that matter most. We’re enthusiastic about your goals and deliver real results. Here are elements of our media relations programs:





We're experts in building brands across all social media platforms. Our specialized teams understand your industry landscape and help your brand find its voice through strategic messaging, targeted engagement, creative multimedia campaigns, optimized advertisements and spokesperson training. Here are some of our social offerings:

  • Full-Service Social Media Management 
  • Paid Social Media Advertising
  • Organic Campaigns 
  • Contests / Sweepstakes 
  • Analytics / ROI Tracking 
  • Strategy Brand Building 
  • Community Building
  • Messaging Reporting and Metrics 
  • Advertising Trade Shows 
  • Social Media Training
  • Executive Social Media Management
  • Influencer Relations



We understand what makes an effective analyst relations strategy. Whether you’re a venture-funded startup or enterprise SaaS company, we help our clients build the right analyst relationships with those who can be advocates for your company. Our varying levels of analyst engagement strategy are tailored specifically for the needs of each client. Here are elements of our AR campaigns:

  • Research and identify relevant industry analysts
  • Secure and staff Briefings
  • Manage briefing schedule
  • In-depth note taking
  • Briefing document preparation
  • Strategic advisement on paid analyst relations
  • Competitive analysis tracking
  • Leverage firm subscriptions and purchased reports for internal use
  • Advise inquiry usage
  • Quarterly recap with feedback and reporting on analyst program



You’re looking to develop relationships with influencers to elevate your brand, product or service. We’ll staff your account with social media experts who will identify the right influencers to impact your company goals, manage outreach and build campaigns with these influencers. With an influencer relations program, we’ll provide:

  • Research into nano, micro and macro social media influencers to vouch for your product or service 
  • Target influencer lists 
  • Ongoing outreach 
  • Regular reporting on influencer impact 
  • Sales targeting and reporting 
  • Views and conversions reporting 
  • Relationship management 





We can help develop your C-suite's social media channels to elevate their personal brands, showcase your company and cultivate meaningful connections across social media. Here's a sampling of what we can do:

  • Full-Service Social Media Management 
  • Paid Social Media Advertising
  • Organic Campaigns 
  • Analytics / ROI Tracking
  • Community Building and Engagement
  • Messaging Reporting and Metrics
  • Social Media Training
  • IPO Preparation
  • LinkedIn Group Development
  • Targeted InMail Campaigns



You’re dealing with a potentially or immediately high-risk situations that could damage your brand and a workforce who’s unprepared to navigate a crisis. You need a crisis communication plan, and stat. Or maybe you’re just on the cusp of major growth and want to be prepared in the face of any potential crises coming your way. Our crisis-trained staff can help with:

  • Messaging in response to specific crises for both traditional and social media 
  • A step-by-step action plan your team can execute for the current crisis 
  • Identification of key company stakeholders for crisis situations 
  • A comprehensive plan for managing future crises (to include foundational knowledge, best practices and customized resources) 
  • Distribution to media and social media 
  • Media relationship management 
  • Monitoring and evaluating trends 



Is it time for a refresh? Or an entire overhaul? We can help with that. Whether you need design work for your visual assets or a complete messaging reboot, we’ll help your company create a new voice and gain the recognition it needs to attract customers. Here’s what we can do: 



You’ve launched a new product or service, or maybe you’ve recently undergone a rebrand or restructure. Your messaging just doesn’t work anymore and you need to build your public perception as a cohesive, strong brand. Our team of creative leaders will meet with your spokespeople for a comprehensive messaging workshop, including:

  • Interactive workshop to develop new messaging
  • Determine market position and differentiators
  • Update your website, social media channels, FAQ sheets and other company documents
  • Website messaging
  • Company overviews and differentiators
  • Brand voice
  • Fully formed interview talking points 



We help you show the ROI behind your PR and marketing efforts with our advanced reporting suite. We're just as metrics obsessed as you – here's what we offer:

  • Share of Voice reporting to compare your performance to competitors
  • Monitoring competitors’ activities in the market
  • Track and report on brand reach/brand sentiment
  • Tracking long-term industry trends and identifying new target verticals to guide our PR strategy
  • Goals-driven campaign plans and success recaps
  • Google Analytics measurement



Whether you’ve hired a new spokesperson, developed new messaging or your executive team just needs a little extra help with interview practice and speaking to the media, we offer interactive media training workshops. Every individual who will be talking to the media should participate in some level of media training. Here's how we’ll help:

  • Interactive media training 
  • Principles for understanding how to talk to the media 
  • Interview best practices 
  • Messaging talking points 
  • Mock interviews 
  • Personalized feedback 



Data is king, but do you have enough of it? Survey data is great to leverage with the media or potential customers, or even to supplement an awesome idea unsupported by current numbers. You can also gather insightful information from your customers or potential customers through a survey project. We’ll provide an internal expert to work with your team on a survey, including: 

  • Question development 
  • Survey logistics, from creation to targeting the right respondent groups 
  • Analysis of final survey results 
  • Development of creative media outreach campaigns to help you amplify the data 
  • A final data set for internal use 
  • A press release announcing final data results, data-centered media campaigns 



We handle a suite of complementary creative services for an integrated approach to your customized public relations strategy. Any of these services can be treated a la carte to add to our overall engagement: