You don’t always need a full-scale PR engagement program – sometimes an hour-long workshop or coaching session will do the trick.

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Media Training: $2,500

Whether you have a specific interview coming up or if you just want to be ready for future media opportunities, we’ll host a personalized media training to ensure you feel prepared.

  • One-hour, 1:1 media training session
  • Best practices based on years of listening to clients’ interviews
  • How to insert your messaging strategically 
  • The art of the pivot
  • Recorded mock interview with analysis and feedback
  • Recap document with improvement tips
  • Briefing document template for future interviews

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Crisis Consultation: $2,500

Not responding or responding poorly to a crisis can lead to loss of revenue, reputation damage, safety risk and more. You may not have the time or resources to bring on an agency, but you still need help. Whether you’re in the middle of a crisis or being preventive, we have you covered.   

  • One-hour, 1:1 crisis consultation session to discuss existing or potential crisis scenarios
  • Opportunity to ask questions about crisis scenarios impacting your company
  • Guidance focused on crisis response best practices
  • How to apologize (if necessary)
  • Recap document with recommended next steps

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Glassdoor Coaching: $2,500

Not addressing reviews can be harmful to your brand – from hiring and talent retention to reputation. Reporters and investors often check Glassdoor pages to determine if a company or source is credible.

  • One-hour, 1:1 Glassdoor coaching session discussing best practices for responding to Glassdoor reviews
  • How to develop strategy for when and how to respond to Glassdoor reviews 
  • Examples of best Glassdoor pages (according to Glassdoor itself!)
  • Review your company's Glassdoor page together and discuss recommended actions
  • Suggestions for how to encourage positive reviews to boost your overall rating
  • Recap document with recommended next steps

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