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Proving the Value of PR & Marketing – Tools ROI Series

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Every year, we survey our clients and ask about their goals. The main concern we hear is demonstrating ROI from PR and marketing spend. We don’t just hear this from our clients; it’s a common topic in the PR industry. The question I often get is, “What tools do you use, and do they help show the value of PR?”

At Next PR, we use a host of tools every day to help us gauge the effectiveness of our PR efforts and help our clients meet their business goals and objectives. We’re launching a new blog series to dive into each of these products and how they demonstrate ROI.


Google Analytics answers just about every question you could possibly think of when it comes to web traffic including how many people visited within a certain time frame, where they came from and more. Our team of Google Analytics certified professionals can help you measure website traffic results and show how people are interacting with your web content. Read our blog on Google Analytics to see how we use this tool to measure the value of PR and marketing.


Signal AI

Signal AI is the best tool to help you keep a pulse on media coverage in real time. We also use it to keep track of our client’s competitors and industry trends. This tool is invaluable at helping show our client’s market share in their respective industries. Read our blog on Signal AI to see how we use this tool to demonstrate ROI.


Sprout Social

Every great PR strategy includes social media, and we have partnered with Sprout Social as the best platform to get it done. Sprout Social gives brands the ability to manage all their social media accounts from one place and provides in-depth analytics to understand what types of content resonate most with their audience. Read our blog on Sprout Social to learn more about the features of this social media management platform.



Are you still tracking media coverage in a document or spreadsheet without any metrics? With CoverageBook, this process becomes almost automatic. This tool allows us to measure how each piece performed and how you are progressing toward your overall objectives. Check out our blog on CoverageBook to learn more about the metrics we use to measure the value of coverage we secure for clients.



We have all these other tools, so why BuzzSumo? This tool helps us generate ideas, create high-performing content, monitor the performance of published articles and identify influencers to form relationships with. Read our blog on BuzzSumo to learn more about how we use this tool to improve our media outreach strategies.

Demonstrating the value of PR and marketing spend will always be a top priority in this industry. By using a combination of the tools above, we can illustrate how our efforts are contributing to our client’s business objectives and driving leads through their sales funnels.

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