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Signal AI – Tools ROI Series

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One of the most important components of PR is showing ROI, the impact of our work and the value we bring to our clients as a partner. Next PR has a belt full of tools to show off our kickass work, as well as demonstrate the great successes of our clients.

Kicking off our Tools ROI Series is Signal AI.

Signal AI is a media monitoring tool that helps identify media placements, measure share of voice, track competitor messages and news, keep a pulse on the client industries and assists with overall account strategies.


Here are a few helpful PR measurements Signal AI provides:

  • Number of articles – total number of articles published over a given date range
  • Reach – refers to the number of people who could have been exposed, at least once, to an article
  • Media Type – includes online news, broadcast, blogs and print articles
  • Competitor comparison – compare the volume of coverage of up to 10 searches against each other
  • Share of voice – measures the percentage of the market your brand owns compared to other brands in the same industry
  • Number of articles and reach over time
  • Number of articles by top publications
  • Number of articles in top sources

Signal AI helps us take reporting a step further because simply reporting on the number of placements secured doesn’t show the value of public relations. With a combination of the measurements above, this media intelligence tool not only helps Next PR stay on breaking news and top trends but assists us in demonstrating ROI and value to our clients.

Stay tuned for our next blog on Sprout Social where we’ll dive into how this social media reporting tool helps illustrate the work we do across various social platforms.

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