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HR Tech: 3 Reasons Your Lack of a PR Strategy Is Hurting Sales

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It’s the age-old question publicists have been getting for years: What is the ROI of PR? What’s the point of securing media coverage if it isn’t increasing the bottom line? We were in 50 national publications – why aren’t our leads blowing up with companies that want to work with us?

In today's competitive landscape, many HR tech companies are missing out on valuable opportunities to boost their sales due to the lack of a strategic and integrated public relations program. According to Informa Tech’s 2023 Trust in Marketing Index, 85% of senior tech decision-makers report high-quality content improves brand perception – this includes content and coverage generated by an adept PR team.

Here are three reasons why the lack of an integrated PR strategy is hurting your HR tech company’s sales pipeline.


1. You Aren't proactively addressing your customers' pain points

While you may be running targeted ads and sending weekly newsletters about your latest product update or limited-time offers, these assets, while critical marketing tactics, are doing nothing to directly address the pain points of your customers. A well-crafted, integrated PR campaign can humanize your brand and demonstrate how you proactively address and mitigate future challenges, aiming beyond just the selling aspect, to build trust and credibility.

A collaborative PR agency can work with your sales teams to decipher data, feedback and insights collected either from surveys, reports or simply what they’re hearing most frequently, to help position your organization to speak directly to these problems. These narratives can be weaved into relevant product releases, blogs for your website, advice on social and media placements in key verticals and audience segments.


2. You're Limiting your brand awareness

How can you expect to succeed in sales if your company remains in relative obscurity? The global HR tech industry is expected to grow from nearly $24 billion to $40 billion by 2029. In a crowded market, having strong brand awareness is a key differentiator. Without active engagement in PR efforts, you risk being overshadowed by competitors building strong, recognizable brands that will eat your market share.

PR isn’t just about getting media coverage or flashy features in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. It involves shaping the narrative about your HR tech company and positioning your brand at the forefront of innovations and advancements within your industry. The goal is to grow and maintain a positive impression among your target customers, so when they’re ready to make an investment in your platform, solution or services, you’re immediately in the running.

While ads still play a pivotal role in promoting your company, partnering with a PR agency offers the added advantage of thought-leadership content, quality media placements and strategic campaigns across various channels, like corporate social profiles and newsletters – all key in enhancing your brand visibility.


3. Your Expert Spokespeople Aren’t “Expert Spokespeople-ing”

Fifty-four percent of decision-makers – and 48% of the C-Suite – report spending more than an hour per week reading and reviewing thought-leadership content. Just as you trust your doctor’s diagnosis or trainer’s plan based on their years of expertise, your customers want to know they’re partnering with an HR tech company made up of seasoned HR professionals who understand the challenges they face, whether it’s managing a remote workforce or navigating global labor compliance laws.

If your brand isn't consistently active in trending conversations and doesn't demonstrate the real value and ROI of your products for end users, your audience may assume you lack the knowledge and credibility to guide them effectively. And this undermines any potential for sales right from the first pitch.

A strategic PR approach can position your company as a trusted authority by highlighting the collective experience of your spokespeople and sharing compelling insights and data with reporters. These efforts not only boost your third-party credibility and help increase sales, but they also aid in attracting top talent and potential business partners or investors.


By partnering with a PR agency skilled in addressing these three key areas – connecting with your audience, building brand awareness and establishing your spokespeople as thought leaders – you can unlock new opportunities to connect with your customers and propel your company toward success in an increasingly competitive market.

Need examples of how this can be done successfully? Check out our case studies page to read about the HR tech companies we've supported.

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