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Pet PR: Raising Awareness in the Pet Industry

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The pet industry is expected to reach $358 billion by 2027 (6% compounded annual growth over the next five years). Much of that growth can be attributed to the rise of smart pet tech.

In addition to the surge in tech products, animals are top of mind for a different reason: Shelters across the country are more crowded than ever due to a turbulent economy and post-COVID animal surrenders.  

For these reasons, there’s an increased need for pet companies and animal shelters to seek PR to drive sales, raise awareness and increase the rate of pet adoptions. Here are three ways a PR program can successfully accomplish these objectives.


Send pet product samples to reporters

Reporters need to see, feel and test the products before including them in a story. That said, never send a reporter a product without their permission first because no one wants unexpected items showing up at their door. Not to mention, it’s a waste of money if the reporter has no intention to consider the product for coverage, or worse, doesn’t even own a pet.

We worked with Whistle, a pet health and location tracker, to boost brand awareness. With smart collars being the most widely adopted pet tech contributing to the rise of the rapidly growing pet industry, Whistle needed to drive sales and cement itself as an industry leader. Product samples and reviews helped us bring almost 1,000 new users to the website in less than three months.  


Tug at the heartstrings

Perhaps more than any other industry, successful pet PR is about using the power of storytelling to connect with your audience. Whether it’s featuring adorable animals wearing ridiculous costumes or telling heartwarming stories of neglected animals that found a home, a good way to meet your objectives is to use the power of emotion.    

When we worked with MaxFund Animal Adoption Center, a nonprofit, no-kill shelter for abused, abandoned and injured animals, we knew the best way to increase adoptions was to tell stories. We secured stories about Spidey, a wheelchair-bound dog and Misty, a blind kitten looking for human interaction. Telling these stories each week on a local news segment resulted in a 100% adoption rate for each featured animal.


Comment on trending news

Big names in the industry are often making news: Chewy, PetSmart, Covetrus, Purina, you name it. Monitor what these household-name companies are doing and find ways to be included in their stories.

Next PR worked with a mobile dog grooming service that was just getting off the ground. We offered the CEO to comment on Petco’s IPO, which was a trending topic, and a Forbes reporter published the insights. Not only did the dog grooming service get a boost in website clicks that day, but it also put its name alongside one of the biggest in the industry, adding immediate credibility.



The Final Word

If you want your business to be the top dog, promoting a pet product or initiative starts with storytelling; the best way to reach pet lovers is to appeal to their emotions. If you’re selling a product, make it easy for a reporter to include it in a review so consumers can see exactly how it works. And finally, anytime the name of a company is included alongside a larger story featuring a household-name brand, credibility will follow.

Next PR is full of pet lovers ready to help get your business the awareness it deserves. Let’s talk about your pet PR program today.

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