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4 Ways to Boost Team Morale During A Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced much of our country’s workforce to work remotely and stay inside their homes. The uncertainty surrounding this time has our teams trying to find a new “normal” amidst the chaos, and can often lead to a decline in team morale.

Employees are overwhelmed with getting their daily tasks done but also anxious about the change to their routine, are pulling double-duty working and parenting, and trying to heed warnings coming from the CDC daily. So, how do you keep your team morale up during this uncertain time?

Host Company Update Meetings

Whether it’s giving a status update on company protocol or checking in to see what questions your team may have, it’s important for leadership to set up regular company meetings.

Keeping an open line of communication shows we’re all in this together and gives your team members a sense of comfort and support.

Schedule Virtual Hangouts

Put some time (30-45 minutes) on everyone’s calendar for a virtual hangout each week. Try a happy hour, or a Cribs-style tour of an employee’s home, or even a game of virtual charades.

This is a safe space where team members can decompress, interact with colleagues and connect on a personal level.

Check in on Your Team Members Individually

“How are you?” goes a long way with employees during an uncertain time. Remember to check in on your team and see how they’re holding up. The little things, such as asking if they need an extra roll of toilet paper or what interesting recipes they’ve concocted with leftovers, shows you care about their well-being.

These are the moments where employees take gratitude in and hopefully let some stress out.

Sprinkle in Fun Activities

Get your remote team looking forward to bonding activities happening throughout the week. A few examples:

  • Morning Meditation: Virtual guided meditation sessions using YouTube, Peloton and other apps such as Calm and Headspace
  • Coffee Chat: Grab a cup of coffee and have a virtual coffee date with a colleague
  • Book Club: Pick an ebook you and a few colleagues are interested in reading and start a club
  • Internal Threads: On internal collaboration tools such as Yammer, Teams or Slack, share a thoughtful quote, a thread on what everyone did over the weekend or even a, “Share your silliest childhood photo” contest
  • Recipe Sharing: Ask employees to share pictures or recipes of food they’ve been whipping up while at home


During this unprecedented and uncertain time, employees will remember how your company handled team morale. It’s important to find the right pick-me-ups and activities for your team to show your support – and that we’re all in this together.

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