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AI-Powered PR? How To Use AI in Digital Marketing and PR Strategies

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2023 just might be the year of the AI Renaissance, as the innovations we’ve imagined for years, like AI chatbots, have started to come to fruition for everyday use. In many cases, AI has seen resistance for not being accurate enough or lacking the human connection that marketing strategies require. Despite the fears, AI in digital marketing, especially AI in B2B public relations, may hold game-changing benefits.

Here are three industries AI-powered digital marketing and PR will revolutionize.


Unlocking ROI in Healthcare Technology

The healthcare tech industry heavily relies on building trust. Healthcare tech companies need to earn the trust of healthcare facilities, and those facilities need to earn the trust of their patients. Public relations can help build these trusted relationships through strategic media relations work, but your executives need to see the ROI. AI is already sweeping across the healthcare industry, from chatbots assisting with customer service to intricate patent monitoring systems and predictive health analytics. So let AI do some of the heavy lifting in PR and marketing reporting, as well.

To demonstrate PR success in healthcare tech, teams are often tasked with compiling lengthy competitor reports and share-of-voice analyses. Skimming through hundreds of Google News alerts or trying to calculate share-of-voice metrics by hand is a time-consuming process. Analytical tools, like Signal AI, pull vast amounts of data in real time, uncovering valuable insights needed to make informed, strategic marketing decisions.

AI-driven analytics have the power to not only save time but also enhance the accuracy of measurements. These tools quickly process and analyze large datasets, identifying trends and sentiments while eliminating the risks associated with human error as we sort through such vast amounts of information. Do you need to determine if your key audience of healthcare network decision-makers is reading your trade coverage for the year?

An AI tool can collect all these placements, pull the sentiment and viewership and more in a matter of seconds rather than the days it could take a human to do the same. This innovation empowers your marketing team to make enhanced, data-driven decisions quickly and confidently, demonstrating the tangible impact of its efforts with clear ROI metrics.


Simplifying Supply Chain Complexities

Navigating supply chain PR and marketing strategies can be tricky because the industry is filled with jargon and niche technical terms. Day-to-day tasks, like drafting written content on the latest supply chain disruption impacting the dwell time at local ports, can take a lot of time and research before you put pen to paper.

AI-powered chatbots can help steer your PR and marketing teams toward helpful resources and quickly explain complex industry nuances. These AI-driven resources simplify comprehension, ultimately turning your marketing team into well-rounded pros.


Sparking Creativity in the Oversaturated HR Tech Market

In a noisy industry like HR technology, it can be hard to break through with a unique concept. HR tech isn’t always the most exciting industry, and it can be tricky to compel reporters with your product or concept. Luckily, AI-powered chatbots can help.

We’re a long way away from AI drafting content completely on its own – and the digital marketing and PR industries will likely never rely solely on AI-drafted content – but these tools can help spark new ideas to ultimately craft compelling content reporters can’t pass up or a spicy LinkedIn post to increase engagement.

With the quick brainstorming power of AI tools, you can efficiently move past the ideation phase to put PR and marketing plans into action.


Like most cases, AI in digital marketing and public relations will never completely take over – the root of the work relies on human interaction. Instead, consider AI the starting point for many of the daily tasks your PR and marketing teams perform to help support your overall strategy. AI isn’t the finish line, but it can help us all get there a little faster.

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