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How Can Public Relations Support Marketing Efforts?

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Shopping data reveals that the COVID-19 pandemic shifted consumer spending habits in 2020. With overall spending in all categories on the decline, brands around the world were forced to rethink their marketing and public relations strategies, something that certainly won’t fade away throughout 2021.

Budget allocations were scrutinized and companies ultimately needed to cut through the digital clutter and connect with their customers now more than ever. This phenomenon of “cutting through the clutter” isn’t anything new. Pandemic aside, brands continue to be challenged to stand out from the crowd. Every dollar they spend should ultimately increase their bottom line, but not all brands understand how public relations can support marketing activities, a crucial and fundamental piece of their strategy.


Public Relations is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Brands that look at public relations like a quick add-on are often the ones that don’t see results right away. From growing brand awareness to customer acquisition, each brand is on a different path, so understanding where you are is the first step. A PR partner will help you navigate and create a program that will not only give you results, but build a lasting brand.

In today’s world, having a beautiful website, a mobile-friendly interface and smart design branding is not enough to get you noticed. Those marketing activities are expected, but what keeps consumers engaged boils down to strategic public relations.


Exposure, exposure, exposure

I cannot stress this point enough: Brands need exposure to their customers, in many ways, through multiple touchpoints. A TV commercial may capture my attention, but the repetition of a targeted ad, a well-curated Instagram page that’s filled with high-quality content, an authentic placement in my favorite digital magazine or a recommendation from a trusted influencer is what’ll turn a shopping cart item into a purchase. Brands that understand the value of the omni-channel experience, and how public relations can support marketing activities, will succeed.

A product and brand that stands out recently for having this omni-channel approach is the Always Pan from Our Place. Talk about a cooking utensil glow-up: Never before did I feel like my life would be incomplete without this one kitchen product. Their consistent public relations and marketing approach was phenomenal. Their perfectly timed combination of media placements and curated influencer partnerships created a constant buzz for this brand that kept them top of mind all season long.


From projects to long-term partners

A significant part of how a client defines the success of a PR engagement is through media placements. We know our results directly impact a client’s bottom line, so it’s important for the brand to show up in the media outlets their customers are reading.

There’s a strategy and goal associated with each and every public relations and marketing program we work on and it’s often the reason why clients who start out as projects continue their relationships into long-term partnership. There’s a true value of public relations and how it supports marketing activities, and any successful brand will tell you that the best and most impactful strategies are integrated.

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