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Next PR helped Tend launch its newest product, the Secure Lynx Indoor Camera, by securing positive media coverage and impactful product reviews.





With the wide variety of smart home products on the market, Tend needed to differentiate the Lynx Indoor Camera from competing products in order to make a name for itself in the video surveillance space.



Next PR leveraged the Lynx Indoor Camera product launch to key media influencers by highlighting all the product’s key features, including its facial recognition technology, night vision, motion detection and two-way audio.

The camera’s $59.99 price point was also a crucial differentiator for the team to capitalize on. Next PR pitched Tend as a key player in making home surveillance affordable without compromising the product’s capabilities or user experience.



Next PR secured consistent national coverage in outlets like CNET, PCMag.com, Inc. and HuffPost, positioning the Lynx Indoor Camera as one of the most affordable home surveillance cameras on the market. This strong coverage led to an increase in sales for the Lynx Indoor product line.


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