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Sonic Boom

Next PR raised Sonic Boom's brand awareness to get the company noticed as an industry influencer in socially engaging corporate wellness programs.





With the rise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and more players entering the corporate wellness space, Sonic Boom needed to lead with its differentiators and show companies and HR leaders what long-lasting workplace wellness looks like.



Next PR prepared a two-tiered approach to establish Sonic Boom as a corporate wellness industry leader. First, the team created narratives around newsworthy topics such as the use of personal health metrics in wellness programs and consolidation in the wellness industry.

These narratives allowed Next PR to insert the company into health and wellness trade publications that reached the eyes of corporate leaders. Second, Next PR used co-founder Danna Korn’s story as a female CEO and startup bootstrapper to garner national attention and highlight her insight and goals for the corporate wellness industry.



Sonic Boom became a go-to resource for journalists talking about wellness trends and key moves within the industry. Next PR secured 16 pieces of media coverage across national business, HR and healthcare trade publications. Key placements included Bloomberg, Entrepreneur and Workforce. Danna Korn was also selected to speak at a C-Level Execs conference through the ENP Institute, near Sonic Boom HQ.


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