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As AI continued to soar in popularity, Plurilock, an AI-authentication startup, needed to get on the radar of strategic angel investors. Next PR made this happen.





Plurilock is an AI-authentication startup that utilizes behavioral biometrics in the workplace to identify and stop insider threats by authenticating individual users’ keystroke style and speed. Struggling to drive awareness of early adopters in the financial services, healthcare and federal spaces, Plurilock came to Next PR to grow brand visibility and drive inbound leads.



Soon after coming to Next PR, Plurilock signed a contract with the U.S. Department of Defense to implement its BioTracker solution as part of the DoD’s effort to strengthen multi-factor authentication and replace traditional authentication methods.

Ahead of this first big news announcement that would mark Plurilock’s entrance into the space, Next PR devised an outreach plan that focused on a mix of national tier-one technology and business publications, as well as cybersecurity and biometric trade publications.

The team leveraged key Plurilock advisors and executives, like Vice Admiral Mike McConnell, former Director of the National Security Agency (NSA) and Director of National Intelligence, along with Plurilock’s CEO Ian Paterson to secure key interviews and garner high-level media coverage.


Pieces of Media Coverage


Million People Reached



Next PR secured 10 pieces of earned media coverage in publications including The Wall Street Journal, Federal News Radio and CyberScoop. Collectively, these placements reached an online readership of more than 2.2M people. The coverage secured by Next PR resulted in several inbound media requests, strategic partnership inquiries and new customers, including a subsequent contract Plurilock signed with the U.S. Army.


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