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Data-Driven Pandemic Campaign

The Client, a growing online booking platform for short-term rentals, set out to help millions of users navigate the uncertain travel landscape during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company had to evolve to meet the changing needs of both travelers and its partners while also becoming a trusted travel resource for the media.





The COVID-19 pandemic made it crucial for the Client to support travelers as well as rental property and management partners while providing valuable insight to reporters covering the travel sector. Amid the pandemic, travel was an unpredictable market with skyrocketing prices and limited inventory options.

The Client had to navigate shifting changes in its inventory supply as many of its partners revised their own brand strategies. Meanwhile, travelers’ priorities were rapidly shifting, emphasizing health and safety along with a desire for a more personalized search experience. 



Next PR pivoted its strategy, incorporating compelling data and trends to inform the media on how consumer behavior and booking patterns were shifting.

The team leveraged the Client’s data to spark reporter interest, including how customers were gravitating toward short-term rentals, the desire to prioritize listings with health and safety features and flexible cancellation policies, as well as the increasing interest in road trips and RV travel.

Next PR shared with reporters the Client’s most popular rentals in destinations seeing an uptick in searches to drive bookings and exposure. It also prioritized opportunities for executives to comment on industry trends.

Leveraging the Client’s new RV partnerships over the prior year, the team pitched the Client’s spokespeople who could provide tips and recommendations for first-time RV renters, positioning the company as an industry expert.



The Client was included in trend-driven articles and quickly became a data resource hub for journalists covering the shifting travel landscape. This strategy increased the Client’s visibility in front of a national news and travel audience. Notable metrics include:

  • Following the strategy shift to focus on data, there was a 425% increase in media placements when compared to the same period year over year
  • 54% of placements included a quote from the Client’s leadership team
  • Secured a backlink to the company website in 64% of articles
  • Grew national exposure; secured four placements in Forbes in one quarter alone
  • Increased referral traffic by 62% and social traffic by 137%
  • The client experienced a 350% increase in RV bookings, leading to an uptick in visibility during a time when travelers were prioritizing road trips
  • Drafted compelling award submissions, leading to two Travel Weekly Magellen wins in Gold & Silver for trip planning and online travel services

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