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No More Secrets

The Next PR team used Volunteer Time Off to generate awareness and drive campaign donations for Philadelphia non-profit No More Secrets as it opened the nation’s first menstrual hub, The SPOT Period, during Black History Month.





While many organizations are working to make change in underserved communities, period poverty is often left out of the conversation. Non-profit No More Secrets was opening the nation’s first menstrual hub, The SPOT Period, and needed help raising awareness and garnering campaign donations. It sought Next PR’s help to reach the Philadelphia community in an authentic and meaningful way. Founder and CEO Lynette Medley and her team set up a GoFundMe donation page to help launch the menstrual hub and provide a safe space and educational resource center for those in need. But without funding from city or state officials, and without a sponsorship partner, Medley relied solely on donations.
Opening the hub in the middle of a global pandemic also proved to be a challenge, as many local reporters were unable to tour the space and conduct interviews in person due to social distancing restrictions. The team had to rely heavily on crafting compelling stories around Medley’s background and mission to hook reporter interest. 



The Next PR team knew that garnering local awareness would be key to a successful launch. Ahead of The SPOT Period’s opening, Next PR pitched select angles to local media outlets to secure pre-opening buzz and interest. The team used Medley’s personal story about experiencing period poverty while her former husband was incarcerated to establish her as a credible resource, while weaving in notable statistics and data about the lack of equity in Black communities.
Spurred by the Black Lives Matter movement and timeliness of Black History Month, reporters were eager to identify stories of Black leaders making progress in underserved communities. The team confirmed numerous digital and broadcast interviews for Medley, setting the stage for a powerful story.



By opening week, The SPOT Period received feature placements in every local digital outlet in Philadelphia, including The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Tribune and Billy Penn. Broadcast stations including NBC10 and CBS3 were live for the grand opening, covering sentimental moments between Medley and her daughter, as well as remarks and praise by city and state officials. Two opinion pieces in Blavity and NBC Think rounded out the campaign and provided a platform for Medley to drive awareness for her quest to #endperiodpoverty.
Through links to The SPOT Period’s GoFundMe page in media placements, donations came in daily and exceeded Medley’s original campaign goal by tens of thousands of dollars. An exclusive story under embargo in Philadelphia Magazine drove additional reporter interest, generating a steady stream of coverage for the duration of Black History Month


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