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Identity Automation

Identity Automation provides identity and access management (IAM) solutions for K-12 and higher education. The company came to Next PR to establish itself as the Digital Identity leader.





As the pandemic forced teachers and students nationwide to conduct education via online technology, the chances of a security threat increased and safeguarding learning environments was top of mind for schools. Identity Automation wanted to create and own the “Digital Identity” category with the Identity Automation name at the forefront. As the term Digital Identity grew in popularity, it was critical to get ahead of competitors and grow the company’s brand awareness within the education and technology sectors. 



Next PR positioned Identity Automation as a leading identity access management solution in front of K-12 and higher education administrators, educators and IT decision-makers. To amplify Identity Automation as the leader in Digital Identity, the team secured thought leadership opportunities, such as bylines, podcasts and interviews, highlighting key messaging around Digital Identity, interoperability, K-12 cybersecurity and student outcomes.
The Next PR team inserted Identity Automation into trending edtech and data security conversations by sharing expert commentary on topics like the metaverse and cyberattacks to establish relationships with industry reporters.

To amplify the keyword Digital Identity, the team issued six press releases to show company momentum and drive interest in Identity Automation’s products and partnerships. Additionally, Next PR inserted the term Digital Identity into bylines to increase SEO and share of voice.


Media Placements


Bylines Placed


Mentions of Digital Identity



During the six-month project, Next PR secured 17 pieces of published content, increasing Identity Automation’s share of voice against competitors. The team secured three bylines using core messaging and incorporated 19 mentions of the term Digital Identity, helping to establish Identity Automation as the category leader. All articles included a backlink to drive traffic to the company’s website. Next PR also secured three meetings at the Future of Education Technology Conference where Identity Automation’s core buyers were in attendance.


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