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Health Fidelity

C-level executives represent the heart and soul of a company. Read how Next PR helped Health Fidelity amplify an executive’s profile (and ultimately the company brand) in traditional and social media.





Health Fidelity’s founder, Anand Shroff, wanted to raise his executive thought leadership brand in the Health IT space. The ultimate goal? To boost his profile and in turn increase brand awareness for Health Fidelity. But as a busy C-level exec, he needed a partner to lead the charge.



Next PR created a thought leadership campaign using both Twitter and media outreach tactics surrounding Shroff’s expertise in AI, machine learning and natural language processing technology.

Next PR targeted influencers in the Health IT space to position Shroff as an industry leader, bumping not only his visibility, but Health Fidelity’s visibility, as well.


Increase in Twitter Followers


Increase in Engagement



Due to Next PR’s efforts, Anand Shroff was quoted in many top healthcare publications, including Healthcare Informatics, Healthcare Dive and Healthcare Analytics News. As a result, Health Fidelity received inbound sales inquiries and is considered a trusted expert in healthcare data analytics among healthcare reporters. Shroff’s overall online brand has also improved: Twitter followers increased by 41% and engagement increased by over 4,000%, leading to a boost in personal brand recognition.


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