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FalconX, a digital assets and cryptocurrency platform for institutional investors, was eager to elevate its company profile through a strategic corporate social media strategy.





FalconX’s corporate Twitter and LinkedIn accounts were underutilized. Content was limited to company announcements, messaging was inconsistent and target audiences weren’t engaging. As a result, follower count and company credibility were stale. Next PR stepped in to organize the brand’s channels and build a social strategy.



An audit of FalconX’s social media accounts led to the discovery of what was working, what was not and recommendations for improvement. Next PR also conducted an in-depth competitor analysis to understand what kind of messaging, imagery, style and assets other companies in the crypto space were using.

The Next PR team created a playbook to reach the company’s aggressive social KPIs – adding FalconX’s social media handles to all marketing materials, leveraging company employees to share content, A/B testing LinkedIn ad messaging and creating a strategic timeline for a steady posting cadence.

The team began drafting posts highlighting FalconX’s expertise in institutional trading and cryptocurrency, sourcing third-party articles around industry trends, using branded and compelling imagery to engage audiences and sharing tips to educate financial leaders on institutional trading.


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By conducting polls to spark conversation and sharing short video clips of the CEO, the team sparked even more engagement across channels.


Website Visits From Social


Increase In LinkedIn Followers


Increase In Twitter Followers



Due to the regular cadence of insightful social media content, reporters who hadn’t previously engaged with FalconX started discovering the company and reached out via the corporate accounts to schedule interviews. This included reporters from tier-one outlets like CNBC, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal and more.

In less than one year of working together, the team increased Twitter followers by 54% and LinkedIn followers by 83%. Additionally, 920 users came to the FalconX website directly from social media, and Next PR helped drive over 35K engagements across platforms.


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