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Chime came to Next PR to launch its new mobile CRM system and educate real estate pros on the power of using tech to build a client base.

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For Chime, it was all about timing. It wanted to attend the biggest real estate conference, Inman, and launch its app the week they came to Next PR. Chime needed to grow brand awareness quickly and establish its CRM solution within the crowded real estate community.



Next PR launched Chime’s Twitter account and coordinated an extensive engagement strategy that targeted real estate influencers, reporters and conference speakers who attended Inman. To drive organic brand awareness, Next PR leveraged real estate conferences and Chime’s subject matter experts to secure in-person interviews and video opportunities that could be shared as multichannel multimedia. From these opportunities, Next PR inserted Chime’s name into the online real estate community and built key relationships with CRM users.


New Followers in Four Months


Engagement Increase in Four Months



Chime’s Twitter following and engagements increased exponentially during the fall and winter months, a key time for home-buying. Chime capitalized on Twitter engagement by turning online relationships into business relationships – it was able to network, demo and share its CRM solution with key industry players.


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