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Colorado Corn Administrative Committee

The Colorado Corn Administration Committee (CCAC) sought Next PR’s services to announce its “Look for the Blue Hose” campaign and encourage Colorado Springs residents to choose E15/eblend at the gas pump.





Although Colorado Springs has the most E15/eblend (ethanol) fuel pumps in the state, residents needed education on the benefits this fuel has on the environment, their community and their wallets. CCAC’s Look for the Blue Hose educational campaign aimed to demystify the fuel type to increase user adoption. When the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of in-person events, which were previously focal points of the campaign, Next PR and CCAC needed to take a unique approach to directly connect with consumers in the COS area.



Next PR implemented an integrated multi-platform strategy to educate consumers and raise awareness of E15 as a viable fuel option at the pump, as well as drive traffic to the campaign website. The team took action by implementing an integrated strategy to reach consumers.

Before the initiative was launched, Next PR assisted CCAC in setting up its website to drive consumers to learn more about ethanol and E15/eblend. To complete the website, the team included informational resources on what E15/eblend is, why you should use it, a fuel finder map, a blog and a custom infographic created by Next PR. The infographic shared details on why ethanol is good for car engines, how it’s more sustainable for the environment, why it’s a budget-friendly option, how it helps local economies and what cars can run off this type of fuel.

To kick off the campaign, a press release was distributed to announce the initiative and begin building awareness in the COS area. Next PR also coordinated media outreach to local, national and trade publications to increase education about E15/eblend. The team identified top outlets for media outreach, securing coverage in television, print and online media publications read by COS residents.

In addition, Next PR launched Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns debunking ethanol myths and promoting education on E15/eblend. The ads were targeted toward key audiences who would be most likely to try a new type of gas at the pump. The website infographic was also used in social ad content to share information on ethanol in a more visual format.

Next PR helped place Look for the Blue Hose radio ads which ran for three months on the top-three popular radio stations in the area. These ads targeted drivers in Colorado Springs and were education-focused to highlight the benefits E15/eblend provides to consumers. The ads were crafted to speak to different audiences: family friendly, environmentally conscious, budget savvy, as well as car enthusiasts.

An initiative like this also needs help from community partners, so Next PR coordinated and developed relationships with local and national influencers and companies to help promote the campaign. These partner relationships garnered engagement on social platforms and in the media.


Media Placements


Users Engaged on Social Media


Visitors to the Campaign Page



During the six-month Look for the Blue Hose campaign, Next PR secured 17 pieces of coverage in national and local publications, including a TV interview on local NBC affiliate station KOAA. The interview was syndicated by MSN and resulted in 22 new users visiting the website. Another major media win was an op-ed in popular local newspaper The Gazette with the help of partner Southern Colorado Clean Cities Coalition. The campaign also crossed state lines with coverage in Convenience Store News and Advanced Biofuels USA. The social ads engaged almost 4,000 consumers across Facebook and Instagram, reaching 89,615 Colorado Springs residents and driving 541 total web sessions. Radio ads also reached 290,400 drivers in the area. Over 1,110 consumers visited the Look for the Blue Hose website in the three-month span, compared to 184 website visitors during an eight-month span from the client’s previous campaign effort. Finally, 19 partners engaged with the campaigns through social media likes, shares, follows and reactions.


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