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What Is Clubhouse and Why Should Marketers Care?

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If you’ve clicked on this blog, chances are you’ve heard rumblings about the new app Clubhouse and you’re trying to understand the hype. Whether you’re lucky enough to already have a Clubhouse invite or you’re wondering if it’s worth tracking one down, we’ll save you the endless research and give you the lowdown on the app right now.


What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an invitation-only, audio-based social networking app launched in 2020. While the app still requires an invitation to be allowed in, the audience is expanding rapidly and the hype around it is skyrocketing.

So, what’s it like? Imagine walking into a huge conference event with a seemingly endless list of sessions to attend. The virtual conference is filled with thousands of rooms where groups are discussing topics ranging anywhere from intellectual property and trademarks to the all-time best movie soundtracks.

The environment of each room can range widely from feeling like a few people having a discussion at a dinner party, to a massive keynote speech like the recent room hosted by Elon Musk.

Now here comes the social part: Unlike at these major conferences where 2-5 speakers sit on the stage and speak the whole time, anyone in a Clubhouse room has the ability to raise their hand and ask to be brought up on the audio “stage” to join the discussion.

This app gives unprecedented access to any of its users to ask Kanye West about his thoughts on the future of live music or Allen Iverson about how to network in the sports industry. But, even more valuable than these potential celebrity interactions is the ability to speak with industry leaders like the founder of Social Media Examiner, Mike Stelzner, or International Editor of AdWeek, David Griner, and share advice and expertise – or even just discuss your favorite Super Bowl ad.


TL;DR: Clubhouse is an audio platform for learning from peers you wouldn’t normally have the chance to, building your network, and listening and joining in on conversations with likeminded people across the globe.


Should Marketing Teams Be Using It?

If you’re a marketer, your next question is probably, “How can I use this?” Before I move further into this section, I want to make this recommendation clear: If you’re hoping to bring your brand messaging onto the platform to increase sales, don’t.

There’s certainly a wealth of opportunity for marketers to tap into on Clubhouse, but as a platform based on personal networking, a brand swinging in from left field will not be welcomed. Similar to platforms like Reddit, Clubhouse has built its foundation on authentic and genuine conversations among peers, and just like on all social media platforms, it’s key to read the room before entering.


How to Bring Clubhouse into Your Marketing Strategy

Encourage your experts to join relevant rooms

The most organic, authentic way to enter the Clubhouse world is to have the experts on your team join conversations already happening and add their own insight.

Once you’ve brought value to the conversation, moderators and members in that room are more likely to visit your profile and click through to learn more about your brand and your personal expertise. (Note: Ensure your team members’ profiles include information about your brand and links to their other social media channels.)

Start your own rooms

If you have a team of experts in a certain topic or category, start a Q&A room where your experts can open the discussion and answer questions from interested users. It’s best to develop a schedule of when the room will be open to build awareness and attendance over time once you’ve established a cadence.


Things to Consider

Just as you wouldn’t want your CEO to walk on stage at a large conference without briefing on strategy or overall talking points, it’s important to have a conversation with leaders looking to engage on the app to ensure their public comments align with your overall brand messaging and communication strategy.


Final Thoughts

Unlike established social media platforms that are full of branded content, Clubhouse has drawn true creators, builders and innovators to connect and discuss topics of mutual interests. This app has the potential to bring a whole new level of engagement between your brand and the public, but it’s so important to ensure you’re bringing value, not just noise, to the table.

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