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Threads: What We Know From Day One

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Meta yesterday launched Threads, a new social platform, and essentially a rival to Twitter, that allows users to post text-based content along with photos of videos. Within the first day, the app received 30 million downloads.

Users can repost, respond or quote others’ content. The one stipulation is that you must have an Instagram account to register on Threads.

As a brand, you may be thinking, “What does this mean for me?” We’re hoping to answer those questions.


Does Threads Make Sense for Your Brand?

We need to first take a step back before rushing to download the app and schedule strategy calls. Is this yet another platform social media managers must draft content for?

Let’s remember, there’s no obligation to be everywhere. This is an excellent time to assess where your team is spending time and see what platforms are actually driving results for your business. Brands don’t need to add to the endless to-do list just because a new social platform was launched. Referral traffic from Google Analytics can tell us which channels matter to our audience. If a brand’s Twitter traffic has dropped precipitously, move along.  

A savvy social media influencer I follow already uses Threads to promote her other Instagram content – a Best Chicago Burger reel. This is a natural fit for the platform, which could benefit from the integrated Meta world. Being able to move between the two Meta platforms could lessen the work for social media managers and provide consolidated metrics.


What’s the Vibe?

Memes have already appeared about brand’s “real”/Twitter personality and how its Instagram followers will react to it – bringing up a salient point about the natural audience of Threads. Since users must have an Instagram to participate, most initial followers will be an Instagram-oriented audience. In the long run, I predict the Threads audience will value photos, videos and visual media more than Twitter. If Threads seems like the right path for your company, your content calendars’ focus will be more on the visual context of posts.


I’ve noticed most people using Threads as a status update, which I could see sticking around. The initial reaction to the app is casual, thoughtless posting. I can also see long-term threads of posts working for brands in some interesting ways, like a social team having a Thread for its biggest milestones and updating it whenever its next big win occurs.


Where It’s Headed?

Over the next few weeks, watch for influencers or larger brands joining Threads. Content may begin to make a shift as users learn the ins and outs of the app. For now, when dreaming up content, think about Instagram followers’ interests and embrace the chaotic free-for-all that comes with a new social platform launching if you decide this platform is right for your business. After all, the platform did garner 30 million sign-ups in less than 24 hours. Maybe, finally, it’s time to give up on Twitter. 

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