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Dogs Are Doing Social Media Better Than You

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Pugs: the ultimate in remarkable creatures. Originally bred to be companions for ruling families in China, these pups were considered so sacred that they were housed in luxury and guarded by soldiers. As the breed spread through Europe, the pug became the official dog of the House of Orange in the Netherlands.

Basically, it’s really no surprise that these majestic little gremlins have finally conquered the last frontier: the internet.

Don’t believe me? This year’s Instagrammer of the Year Shorty Award was won by Doug the Pug. Doug boasts over 2 million followers on Instagram and over 5 million page likes on Facebook. That’s right. He has no thumbs (although he looks like one) and he has more social media followers than your brand.

dog pug social media


What is it about these wrinkly little squish monsters that has captured the hearts and browsers of so many?

The answer is simple, and it has nothing to do with their curly-q tail. It’s a human connection. All famous animal social media accounts have something strikingly human in their content, which helps their message resonate globally.

When it comes to producing relatable social content and making the human connection, many brands are missing the mark and relying too heavily on robotic, jargon-heavy marketing messaging that speaks to their board room – and no one else. Here are 5 tips to create a human connection with your social media content:

1. Drop the sales and marketing jargon.

Have you found yourself reading tweets that almost immediately lose your interest because they’re filled with salesy business lingo? Don’t be that tweeter. Make sure your social messaging is simple and impactful without relying on messy jargon.

2. Know your target audience – I mean really KNOW them.

What acronyms do they use? Do they love emojis? What are their favorite TV shows? If you can’t answer these questions, you have a serious knowledge gap to close before you can start crafting content.

3. Craft a consistent brand voice.

Once you know who your target audience is, you’ll be able to craft a brand voice that will resonate. Each piece of content or collateral you create needs a consistent voice so your audience knows what to expect and becomes comfortable with your brand.

4. Get emotional.

The most successful brands establish an emotional connection with their customer base, increasing engagement – and loyalty – as a result. Robotic, stale messaging isn’t getting the retweets.

5. Work in real-time.

Don’t work in a vacuum. Remember, social media is “social” by nature, so don’t get stagnant! Gut check your strategies and concepts with outside sources (especially if they fit your target market). This will help you get real-time feedback and insights to hone your strategies. Want to go for extra credit? Conduct A/B tests and check your messaging with your live audiences to see what resonates the most.

Don’t do your brand a disservice by being a prescheduled social robot. Maintaining a human connection will go a long way in increasing likability and customer engagement across the board. Plus, pugs are way cuter than robots.

dog pug social media

Need help getting started? We’ve got a team of social media experts (and pug fans) to help you begin your social media journey.

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