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How To Market Your Mission-Focused Brand

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Non-profit and mission-driven organizations do impactful work – that’s why they need marketing to clearly communicate their mission and efforts. But marketing in this space looks different than it does for traditional companies. Instead of focusing heavily on creating brand awareness, marketing efforts center around identifying people who will benefit from or invest in the organization's mission.

Since this approach is less traditional, we’ve broken down three things you need to do to successfully market your mission-focused brand.

Embrace Your Mission Internally and Externally

There’s nothing more transparent than a brand that doesn’t practice what it preaches. If your mission includes a commitment to diversity, people of all genders, sexualities, ethnicities and abilities should be represented within your workforce, on your leadership team and on your board. People are more likely to seek your help when they see themselves represented within your organization.

How do you demonstrate you embody your mission? Using your social platforms is a great outlet to feature spokespeople of all backgrounds and lends a familiar face to those looking to get involved.

Strategically Reach Your Target Demographic

To best serve your target audience, meet them where they are! Of course, national media coverage is always a win, but don’t underestimate the value of local media. Getting featured in local media outlets heightens your chances of being seen by people who directly benefit from your organization’s work.

For example, Sachs Foundation, a local Colorado Springs (COS) education foundation, provides financial support to Black students in Colorado and wanted to use media relations to attract prospective scholars. In addition to discussing one of its programs with national publication Forbes, it also established a relationship with local COS media outlets like KOAA and The Colorado Springs Gazette, telling the story of its founding and exciting partnerships. Focusing on local media allowed Sachs Foundation to communicate its mission and vision statement within the community and educate local students on how the organization can benefit their lives.

Consistency Is Key

Mission-focused brands that remain consistent are the most successful. One way to do this is by making sure your communication across all platforms conveys the same message. Your company website, blog, media placements, social media profiles and spokesperson messaging should all tie back to your company’s mission and vision statement.

In addition to consistent messaging, it’s also important to develop a regular publishing schedule. This ensures your audience won’t miss out on any important announcements within your organization.


When it comes to marketing strategies for mission-focused brands, one size does not fit all. Embodying your mission internally and externally, strategically reaching your target audience and keeping your messaging consistent are key if you want to make your vision a reality.

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