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How CoverageBook Provides Valuable PR Measurement – Tools ROI Series

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Showing ROI in any partnership is important, but in PR, it’s crucial. Data is one of the biggest ways we can show the value we are bringing to our clients and their businesses. One of the tools we use to stage that data is CoverageBook.

CoverageBook is a PR measurement tool that houses every piece of media coverage that has been secured for a client. This includes online and offline coverage ranging from news articles to sound bites of an interview. These CoverageBooks are broken up into monthly, quarterly and yearly coverage. This is especially useful when comparing data from quarters and years prior.

CoverageBook offers several different metrics to measure how coverage is performing. Some metrics include:


Online Readership

Online Readership measures the total monthly website visits from all online publications where coverage has been secured. This gives your client an idea of how many people are viewing the publications their pieces were featured in, offering a broader view of who could have seen the coverage.


Estimated Coverage Views

This metric gives insight into the specific piece of coverage secured. Not everyone who visits a website will look at every single page. This is an article-level estimation of how many of the total visitors are likely to have viewed the specific piece of coverage for as long as it’s available online.


Social Shares

This metric gives you an understanding of the number of times the article has been shared on social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. This tool calculates the number that comes from sharing directly from the embedded article share buttons – not personal social account shares. This tool is not able to count shares from LinkedIn or Instagram.


Links From Coverage

This number measures the total number of backlinks from the coverage to any page on your client’s website. Links in coverage help drive traffic to a website and boost SEO. This is a helpful way for clients to see which publications are driving the most traffic to their website.


Average Domain Authority (DA)

Domain Authority is a number score (from one to 100) based on the quality and reputation of the websites where coverage has been secured. The average DA is between 40 and 50, while anything between 50 and 60 is considered pretty good.

A higher average DA score indicates an increased chance of the coverage getting more visibility in search engine results. CoverageBook provides a DA score for individual pieces and an overall score for the CoverageBook’s average. Having access to this number is a great indication of how your coverage is performing in different publications.


All these metrics together provide a powerhouse of information and data essential to measuring the value of PR. CoverageBook is one of many tools we use to demonstrate the value we are providing to clients.


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