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Crisis Communications

When a hotel employee made a poor decision that went viral, a national hotel chain came to Next PR to clean up the crisis.





Once the situation went viral, the hotel was inundated with negative comments on social media, without a plan for how to respond. Damaging news stories were published without comments from the hotel to share its side of the story and some even made false claims.



Next PR met with hotel leadership to gather the facts and nuances of the incident to determine the best path forward.

Using a suite of AI-powered tech tools, Next PR was able to monitor the news in real time, flagging stories that were factually inaccurate and following up with those reporters to correct the story. Next PR offered a quote or interview with hotel leadership to apologize for the employee’s actions, acknowledged the severity of the situation and shared what actions would be taken moving forward. Next PR drafted the quotes and talking points and coached the hotel on the media outlets to connect with.

Next PR created sample responses bucketed into four categories: derogatory comments, negative comments, questions about the incident and positive responses for the way the situation was addressed by hotel leadership. This helped the team respond quickly and proactively to all social media posts.

After the immediate crisis subsided, Next PR pitched stories to the media about the hotel’s philanthropic efforts and room renovations, changing the bad perception and burying the negative stories.



Negative social media buzz immediately dwindled; one user even responded saying, “I appreciate your response. I wasn’t planning to stay at your hotel anymore, but I am grateful for how you’ve handled the situation, and I feel you’ve made it right.”

Now, when searching the name of this hotel, the first news stories that appear are about its philanthropic efforts and not the incident.

Reporters amended their stories to include quotes from the hotel and the headlines evolved from accusations to factual, two-sided accounts of the incident. Within one week, no new stories emerged.


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